Roof Repair

Roof Repair in Williamsburg, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, & Hampton Roads, VA

At Streamline Roofing, we have provided all types of roof repairs, from residential to commercial properties in Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake for over 30 years. Our roof repair services are designed to repair any damage that your roof may have. If you notice your roof has damage through various indicators such as leaks, we are able to do repairs.

In addition, we work with the full range of roof material on market including clay, slate, and concrete tiles, metal roofs, shingles, shakes, and much more. We can repair your roof regardless of its complexity. We have worked on simple department store roofs, complex and large apartment complexes, and everything in between.

Repair Your Roof Before Further Damage Occurs

The roof is a fundamental structural component of your house. It also plays a critical role in protecting your home from the elements. Not only is it important for the structural stability of your house and the protection of your properties. It also placed under strain from the environment.

To that end, it is natural for the roof to suffer from damage, which can be small-scale damage or wide-scale damage. Any Williamsburg, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake property owner will appreciate the need to repair the roof as soon as possible to avoid a domino effect with regards to the damage.

Williamsburg, Portsmouth, & Chesapeake Scheduled Roof Inspection & Repairs

Typically, a scheduled roof repair service will involve a roof inspection by us. As mentioned above, your roof is the first in line in protecting your entire home. As such, it does bare much of mother nature’s brunt. Whether it is damaging precipitation in the form of hail or snow storm, wind, or the effects of heating and contraction caused by increase and decrease in solar radiation, your roof is under constant strain.

Roof Inspection

It, therefore, makes sense for us to thoroughly inspect your roof to ensure that we have the full picture with regards to the state of your roof. As such, to perform conclusive and high-quality repair service that epitomize value for money, we will inspect your roof. In doing this, we look for:

  • Broken, worn-off, loose and or missing shingles
  • Exposed nails that can cause roof leaks
  • Rusted metal components
  • Depressions
  • Ridge sagging
  • Blisters
  • Drainage issues
  • Water damage in the attic and much more

Roof Repair

After completing the inspections, we thereafter delve into repairing your roof to restore its structural integrity, ensuring that it functions just as it was intended to. Importantly, our highly qualified and experienced roofer perform every aspect of roofing repair services with the intention of helping you increase the roof’s life, therefore, increasing the return on investment on your roof.

To this end, we offer the following scheduled roof repair services to our community member is Williamsburg, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake.

  • Leak repairs
  • Shingles replacements
  • Blow off repairs
  • Roof puncture repairs
  • Roof blistering repairs
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Single Ply Membrane
  • Metal
  • Gaco Flex, and much more

Emergency Roofing Services

Unlike the schedule roofing repair services, emergency services are notoriously hard to predict. A case of bad weather is enough to cause a roof emergency. For instance, a storm may come about and cause storm damage to your roof. We are always willing and capable of helping you deal with such emergency repairs.

OUR reviews

Exceptional service from start to finish.
Thomas Hassler
20:55 23 Mar 22
I am so impressed by the whole experience working with Streamline Roofing! From Brett coming out to my home for a free quote, to working with Sydney and Carrie in the office, to the project manager, Jacob who continually kept me updated on what they were doing, providing me time frames and asking questions as needed. Jacob and his goofing team showed up on time and delivering what was promised! The crew was respectful of my home and property, they cleaned and organized as they went along and in less than 2 days my roof is new again! Thank you streamline team, you all are what hometown small businesses represent and I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family!
Sarah Danna
17:47 25 Feb 22
I just was very lucky in getting this roofing company. Spoke with about three other company's for estimates on a total roof/shingle replacement. Streamline Roofing wasn't the lease costly but middle of the "road". Carrie in the front office along with Brett/Jacob were professional and informative for the type of work I wanted done. Jacob was the site foreman on this home and kept me updated all during the job. They placed plywood over all the windows and covered the bushes to protect them from debris. Finished the house in two days! Had a complete crew that was dedicated and has been with the company for years. No transient workers which means quality performance.I was very pleased with Streamline roofing and won't hesitate to use them again. Good job Streamline.
Michael Ramsey
17:31 21 Feb 22
Professional from start to finish. I was impressed with how the estimate was conducted, thru the finished installation. I will recommend Streamline to anyone.
Todd Compton
12:48 11 Feb 22
Jacob and his team were professional in every way. Excellent product, on time and thoroughly able to complete the job on time. Cleanup was impeccable. I highly recommend them.
jim Pittman
18:14 08 Feb 22
What a great experience! Everyone from the office staff, lead supervisor (Jacob Spence), and the installers were professional, timely, and provided high-level customer service. Not only does the roof look great but the clean-up and ancillary services (like painting and trimming) were of the highest quality. The installers literally worked their butts off every day to make sure this was a high-quality job completed on time. We also solicited multiple bids and Streamline gave us the best value. So, all in all, a great job at the best value. We couldn't be happier.
Linda Mosedale
18:05 31 Jan 22
Our experience with Streamline Roofing was unbelievable--the best company we have had perform repairs on our house. Others would be wise to use them as a model. Starting with Brett Smith who did a super job inspecting the roof and recommending products for the roof replacement. The office staff scheduled the work and followed up with the scheduled work date reminder. They also provided addresses of completed replacements in which Streamline had installed the various alternative shingles we had selected. The work supervisor (Bob Evans) was on-site 100 percent of the time and kept us informed as the replacement proceeded. The work crew, led by an outstanding foreman, did a super job putting tarps over the bushes, deck, air conditioner and generator through the actual replacement. They were prompt, displayed comradery, and left the site cleaner than when they began their work. All in all, we had no issues through the estimating, scheduling, and replacement and would highly recommend Streamline Roofing when you are looking for a roof replacement or repair.
John Reifsnyder
22:56 20 Jan 22
Responsive and professional. Their work was very high quality and an added blessing is that they support The Arc of Williamsburg. Don’t hesitate to hire Streamline Roofing for all your roofing needs.
Eva K
20:48 10 Dec 21
Fair, honest and professional. Every aspect of this experience was positive from the initial inspection by salesman Bob Jones to the office working with us regarding scheduling (Miss Carrie (sp?) ) to the on-site Supervisor Jacob Spence and his 6 man crew. Yes, it was a huge mess! But they did a great job and cleaned up afterwards to my (and my neighbors!) satisfaction.Thank you Streamline Roofing!
Dave C.
23:34 26 Nov 21
Amazing from start to finish. The guy who did the repair even educated me on what he was doing. Really nice people.
Jor Bran
21:48 10 Nov 21
I’ve had many workmen in this house in the last three years, repairing things and doing major renovations, but none have been as great as this roofing company. I had six very old skylights replaced (one was on an extremely steep roof which was about three stories high) and a roof replaced over a sunroom. The two workmen who came here were incredible. One man did most of the actual roof and skylight work and I’ve never seen anyone work as hard, do such a superior job and clean up every single bit of debris and nails. He worked every minute of every hour except for the very short break he took for lunch. Both men were the best and worked together really well. They were prompt, courteous, professional, honest (they told me what to expect at every step), extremely neat, and were very careful not to damage anything in my house or on the outside. The deck and yard were spotless when they left. I can’t say enough good things about them. I’m very particular about my house and my things and not once did I see anything which caused me even the smallest concern. Best experience EVER!
Karen Leitzel
20:06 20 Oct 21
Based on recommendations from neighbors about the quality of streamlines work, we retained them to replace our roof. Before we finalized the contract, the roof sprung a bad leak during a heavy storm. Streamline sent a crew out in the rain to install a tarp.The crew that did the installation were experienced, exhibited great teamwork, cleaned up each day. The work ethic was phenomenal. The end result was truly the work of conscientious professionals.However, the story did not end there. They also installed a attic fan which had a manufacturers defect and failed after 2 months. Jeff Skinner from streamline was out the next day, then scheduled a electrician to come out who could not service the unit since it was 15’ up. Jeff then built a ladder from scratch and had another electrician come out to replace the unit. This was way above the call of duty and integrity. To say they stand behind their work, is an understatement
rocky keith
16:52 18 Oct 21
From start to finish Streamline Roofing was just that. Streamlined. They fit the inspection in with a cancellation. Bob Jones was early to the appointment & did a through inspection of the roof and chimney. I received pictures and an estimate within 24 hours of the appointment. The office had my repair scheduled within 2 days of signing the contract. The repair was completed within 10 days from that and I was provided a link to see the completed repairs. Everyone I have spoken with at Streamline has been kind, attentive and professional. They will have my business in the future.
Lori Jordan
15:37 22 Sep 21
Streamline Roofing is the best company with which I have had the pleasure of working. Brett Smith did a thorough job inspecting my roof and recommended specific products for a roof replacement. Streamline's proposal was very competitive with other companies and in the end, worked out to be by far the greatest value. The owner of the company, Jeff Skinner was at my house supervising for virtually the entirety of the 2 + days while Streamline Roofing replaced my roof. The entire crew onsite and the office staff took care of my every need. Streamline Roofing was incredibly considerate, making sure that my neighbors were not impacted by the job. I would highly recommend Streamline Roofing to anyone considering a new roof or repair. They are honest, thorough, extremely professional, and their work is of the highest quality.
Richard Smith
22:42 30 Aug 21
Couldn’t have chosen a better roofing company to do business with.
Crispin Zanca
20:08 17 Aug 21
Streamline Roofing was by far the best company to work with. From the sales rep, customer service, and the installers, everything was so professional. No cleanup left for us to do, they took care of it all. We are so pleased with quality of work, we couldn't be happier with how our new roof looks.
Shirley Fanton
09:25 15 Aug 21
Streamline just put a new roof on for me and they were AWESOME! I had to be out of town because of a sick family member and they took care of everything. I didn't worry a bit. The job was beautifully done, the yard was clean (and they didn't so much as nick my gazebo) and the customer service was beyond my highest expectations. They cost a bit more than the other bids but it was SO worth it! I can't recommend them high enough!
Enid Butler
20:29 12 Aug 21
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!THIS COMPANY DESERVES EVERY SUPERLATIVE IN THE THESAURUS!Like most homeowners, when we realized that it was necessary to replace our roof, we were intimidated and nervous about finding the right contractor for the job. We knew it would be an expensive venture, no matter what...and we also knew that the old adage, "you get what you pay for" also matters. We met with several companies, but at the end of the day our meeting with their salesman, Bob Jones sealed the deal for us. He knew the product and he knew the team he was selling AND he clearly believed in that team.To begin with, the proposal packet included all their up to date licenses and insurance information. (it's one thing to say you have these things, it's another to prove it) Then there was great detail about how the work would be done, when it could be done, the products that would be used and the manor they would be used.The pricing was very transparent in the proposal, and other than the additional cost for replacing wood (which we knew in advance) is exactly what we paid.And Yes..while no one is happy about having to pay more to replace wood once the old roof is removed , it is absolutely necessary!!! You don't want to put a pretty pristine roof on top of nasty rotted wood. That kinda defeats the purpose.Another thing we liked, that we learned in the proposal phase, is that the team that would be assigned to our roof, always worked together. They were not a hodgepodge of gentlemen picked up for the day. This matters because the work would be done more efficiently and effectively and that benefits us, the homeowners.The work was estimated to take 2.5 to 3 day, depending upon the weather. We were told the workers would arrive at 7am daily. (they arrived at 6:50am!!!) And boy did they work hard!!!! AMAZING TEAM OF DILIGENT WORKERS!!! LOVE AND APPRECIATE THESE GUYS!!!!The physical BACK-BREAKING labor involved with roofing is absolutely unbelievable. It's HOT, very HOT in Virginia and our roof is very steep, so besides being HOT, it's also very dangerous!!! They were troupers!!! The exhaustion we witnessed during their well-deserved afternoon break was palpable.Our team was led by company owner, Jeff Skinner. During our time with Jeff, we learned they have three teams out, and each has a foreman/leader. We were lucky the owner was with us!!!Another thing we learned...the shingles brand that was used on our home was "CertainTeed". And this particular brand is almost twice as heavy as some of the other brands that advertise out the ying-yang! Simply put...heavier is better and will withstand storms better and will last longer!!!IT'S ALL THE LITTLE THINGS!!!When you choose a company, it's the little things that matter as well as the big things.We witnessed an owner taking very good care of his team, a team that has been with him for many years! (plenty of water, Pedialyte, snacks, etc) The big takeaway...An owner who takes care of his staff will also take care of his clients! (and employees who are taken care of, will also take care of the customer!!!)When the work was completed, they used a leaf blower to clear the roof of any debris, and then painstakingly policed the perimeter of the home for nails and other leftover or discarded items. The following day, Jeff came by again to check to make sure our property was left in better shape than before they arrived.The price was less than we expected it to be, and the professionalism exceeded our expectations on every single level.Extremely knowledgeable, friendly hard-working and fastidious!!!Great company, great team!!!! Absolutely the best!!!We are grateful to have hired Streamline Roofing!!!!THANK YOU!!!
Elisabeth Daley
16:50 08 Aug 21
Absolutely superb!!! Bill Evans and Streamline’s Roofing repair team were professional, timely and responsive. The work completed was first class and avoided further damage caused by water leak discovered after recent storm . Could not have been more grateful. Absolutely the best!!!
Joseph Feliciano
02:20 06 Aug 21
A+++ experience! Jacob was very helpful and professional,with great communication. The roofers were hard working and did excellent work. Clean up was excellent. The roof looks great. Love the new skylight. Waiting for it to rain to check for leaks! Thanks Streamline. I will recommend you to my friends.
Lynn Powell
20:14 16 Jul 21
Easiest group of people we have ever worked with. Professional, great communication, got the work done efficiently and top notch work. Hanes laid the process out for us beautifully. Kerry answered so many of our questions and made sure we were comfortable with our decisions. Bill and his team made sure that the roof installation was seamless. To top it all off, Streamline does great things for the community so it was a no brainer to utilize their services…we recommend them to everyone!
Matthew Eppright
00:35 30 Jun 21
The entire streamline team was great to work with, from Brett who handled our estimate to Bill who was the field manager for our job. The crew was very professional and showed up on time, working quickly and efficiently. They cleaned up so well, it was like they were never there. Our new roof looks great.
Andrew De Lisle
16:40 25 Jun 21
Jeff and his crew did a great job replacing our roof. To say it was an upgrade is an understatement. Attention to detail and added installations took the work well above code requirements, but also was a more robust installation from the original construction. If you need a roof repair or replacement, I highly recommend Streamline Roofing!Emanuel
This is by far one of the best contracting companies I have worked with. Every person I dealt with was courteous and professional. The work was great and the crew did a very good cleanup. Thanks to all for a job well done!!
18:56 06 May 21
I contacted Streamline about a roof leak and they came out and took a look. Brett was very professional and quickly figured out the issue. He provided pictures and a quote later that day. He said they were probably a week out from being able to do the job (they are busy!). In any event, I signed the estimate the next day and within a few hours I got a call with an opening the following day. They arrived on time and did a great job! Appreciated the quick response and timely work as it rained like buckets just a couple days later.
David Foster
01:55 13 Apr 21
Had recent roof replacement, Srreamline workers did an outstanding job from start to finish, very efficient and on task. I was fortunate to have Jeff and his team who went above and beyond what was expected. They even contributed time and material to repair and replace my shed and screen house roof that were in dire need of help i have and would recommend them for your next roofing project.
Eric Mease
01:36 13 Apr 21
My first time filing a claim and I'm happy that I choose Streamline they are the best and when they are done everything looks great even the clean up I will recommend them to all my family and friends thanks for a great job
anita franklin
10:42 09 Apr 21
We had an excellent experience with Streamline Roofing from start to finish. They were friendly, professional, thorough, and completed the work in a timely manner. They did an immaculate job of cleaning up after the job was completed . We are so happy we contracted with them to replace the roof on our home. We would highly recommend this reputable company.
Karen Pfeifer
17:37 23 Mar 21
We had our roof replaced by Streamline Roofing and cannot say enough good things about this company and their commitment to quality and excellence. Hanes was our contact person and communicated every step of the way from estimate to weather concerns to cleanup and follow up on the installation. The most impressive part of this company was their willingness to communicate quickly with us even after the job was over about our concerns and questions. The office staff was always helpful and concerned which made our choice of shingles and paperwork easy and a pleasant experience especially Kerry. Thank you Hanes, Kerry and Streamline for a job well done!
Charles Deschaine
17:08 10 Mar 21
Streamline was recommended to me by several friends. They are extremely professional and responsive. From the initial inspection and estimate to installation and follow up they were always on time.
Michael McCarty
13:09 03 Mar 21
I’m very happy I chose Streamline Roofing for my roof replacement. Not only did I get a great roof, I also added value to my home. I would like to thank their awesome staff, Kerry the Office Coordinator, Bob the Sales Associate and lastly Brett the Field Manager for the great customer service and professionalism.
Mz. Favor
20:40 10 Nov 20
Excellent Customer Service and Workmanship
Ceej OC
23:51 30 Aug 20
Highly recommend this company from the office assistant that scheduled my appointment to the phone call reminder about the appointment to the professional that showed up to do the inspection and repair. Inspection revealed the problem and they came up with the best and most cost effective solution.
Dean Geraths
12:16 21 Aug 20
Extremely thorough. The price was competitive and their work was excellent. Highly recommend!
bruce gurcsik
19:41 12 Aug 20
Amazing staff from the lady on the phone, the Salesman that came to the house, the workers that installed the roof, and the follow up. We weren't expecting them to come out a second time with the magnet roller to ensure there wasn't any nails left. Quality work which all the neighbors complimented. Efficient work that didn't drag on with the installation. 1 day is all it took with a very steep pitched roof. I even had them do our large shed. The only change order was for the couple sheets of wood for the roof of the shed. We all thought it would be at least 4 sheets but they were honest enough to only do 2 sheets. Amazing from start to finish. We did the roof so we could sell our house and if the new house we will be getting needs a roof then there is only one place we will call. Different levels of shingles to choose from which we chose right in the middle. The pricing actually came up to well over a thousand dollars less than the next 2 quotes we had. No regrets going with Streamline. If anyone asks, Streamline is the only place to go with. The roof was replaced a couple months ago and I wanted to give it a couple months before doing my review to ensure there was no issues. You hear so many stories but with them, the story is excellence. The Salesman came out at the beginning of COVID where they wouldn't come inside for the presentation. We stood outside in a drizzle/not quite rain and cold. Not a question went unanswered. We knew before the quote came back that if the numbers were right or even if they were a few dollars more then we had a deal. Our Realtor even asked who did the roof because of the workmanship. He has plenty of investment properties and the next one he buys that needs a roof he said he was going with you. Our house sold with a ratified contract 2 days after listing with multiple offers no doubt in part to a new roof. Thank you Bob Jones, Robert Stinger, and the Skinners.
Dr TBone
16:26 09 Aug 20
Streamline Roofing is amazing! Jeff provides prompt, knowledgeable, and professional work on a leak we had after TS Isaias! Highly recommend!
Amber Kaczmarczyk
00:07 07 Aug 20
All around great experience with Streamline Roofing. I had interviewed another company, and didn't get the same level of confidence and professionalism I did with Streamline. They were prompt, efficient, and clean. I would highly suggest giving your roofing business to Streamline!
paul collins
20:47 05 Aug 20
Attention to Detail. Superb Customer Service. Excellent Workmanship. Supervisor on Site during the entire job. Competitive Pricing with Labor Warranty. These characteristics set Streamline Roofing far above the competition. We interviewed two other contractors and chose Streamline because the estimator (Bob) saw issues that the others missed. This is a company that bends over backwards to ensure the customer's satisfaction. "This is how we do business," says Carrie, who schedules the work, when I called back to say we were VERY SATISFIED. The actual job was efficient and extremely neat. The workers put tarps over the deck and the bushes. No debris was left on site. They arrived early and were on task with an aura of comradery in spite of the hot and humid weather. I highly recommend Streamline.
12:43 25 Jul 20
From getting the estimate and thorough explanation of options from Bob and throughout the entire re-roofing project with Jeff and the crew, my experience was positive and the results are outstanding
Gary Sadler
16:13 08 Jul 20
The company started the job early and was extremely professional. The work was excellent and the clean up was great, it was like they were never here except for the new roof.
James Thompson
16:07 24 Jun 20
They did a great job on my roof excellent customer service friendly and very knowledgeable. Would recommend any day to anyone talking about needing repairs or a new roof.
Corey Dewald
21:05 22 Jun 20
Streamline Roofing was thoroughly professional in all aspects of my roof replacement project. Bob provided a detailed quote and took care to understand and accommodate my desire to protect large azaleas planted next to the house. Hanes and the crew were on time and well organized. The cleanup was meticulous; it was hard to tell they had been on site all day ... except for the awesome new roof!
Carey W
15:40 27 May 20
I highly recommend Streamline Roofing. Their work was excellent. The team was professional and delivered great service. I had major damage to and their customer service removed the stress from our situation.
Michael Folsom
19:03 29 Apr 20
A thoroughly painless process. Hanes was great in managing the process. He patiently answered my many questions.They completed a good sized roof in just two days. Everything went like clockwork. We couldn't be happier with the process and the results.
A James Lee
13:53 17 Apr 20
The entire process-from initial estimate and samples from Bob Jones, to the scheduling by Kiri in the office, to Hanes managing the project every day at our home, far exceeded even our high expectations. We are thrilled with the end product, and could not have been more pleased with everyone involved. We highly recommend Streamline to anyone!
George Smith
21:10 16 Apr 20
I can’t say enough wonderful things about this company to accurately convey how happy we were with the whole experience! I think what it ultimately boils down to is that it is a family-run business, so they treat their customers like they would want to be treated. And they approach every project as if it’s the most important contract they have. On my single-story rancher, they did everything they could (with almost-last-minute notice) to successfully get the roof replaced before my closing date. The team was here by 7, gone shortly after lunch! Highly recommend!
13:43 08 Apr 20
Great experience with Streamline from start to finish. They responded immediately to my inquiry about getting a quote for a roof repair/replacement. The initial quote was thorough and included all of the information I needed to make an informed decision. They even were super helpful in making a selection of shingle color. All of my interactions with them were handled professionally and efficiently and they went above and beyond each step of the way. Once I decided to move forward, they were on the job quickly and completed the work in no time. The job site was kept clean and I am extremely pleased with the quality of their work. They exceeded my expectations by repairing and adding improvements that I didn’t request or even know to ask about. I highly recommend Streamline for any roof repair or replacement.
Kimberly Newton
14:42 15 Mar 20
I had a great experience with this company. The office staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I was able to get someone to come out to give an estimate within days of inquiring. He gave an honest opinion and wasn’t just trying to sell me on a new roof. He showed me samples of the products and explained exactly what they are for. They use quality materials that are affordable. I was so pleased that they were able to schedule my roof replacement the following week and it was complete in one day! The field manager was on time both times I met with him and very friendly. He explained things to me as I questioned and made sure his crew was safe. I am beyond happy with the work that was done and would recommend this company to anyone and everyone. Thanks Streamline!
Montana Hamilton
20:38 06 Mar 20
The people working for Streamline were terrific, from the sales person to the field manager. Streamline did everything in a very timely manner from bidding the job too scheduling the job and completing the job. The quality of work was superior and they will back their work. I highly recommend this company.
Hank Pobiak
01:40 04 Mar 20
Very professional and takes the time to explain what it is you need.
Angelina Brooks
00:17 29 Feb 20
On February 10,2020 Streamline Roofing put a new roof on our house. Let me say this, if you are in need of a roof and you do not have Streamline Roofing give you an estimate (and then hire them) you are making a mistake. Bob Jones (the estimator) and Hanes Spicer (Field Manager) were terrific to deal with ... Hanes spent the entire day on site and throughout the day ...he always filled me in on what was happening .. what a great help that was to me. I just want to say the work was done .. when they said .. completed on time .. and the roof looks beautiful.. if you need any roofing .. call these people .. Mel Vogelsang
Mel Vogelsang
05:12 24 Feb 20
Quality work, excellent price, clean and professional installation. We were extremely pleased with the entire process!
Kristin Schweitzer
23:50 07 Feb 20
Streamline roofing is an honest and hard working roofing company. As a real estate professional in the area I appreciate their professional opinion any time I need help with a roof issue
Colby Roberts
14:38 30 Jan 20
Really good experience.Everyone I spoke with and worked with was courteous and kind. I hired them to do an attic fan leak repair and they did the job quickly and even replaced the fan without upcharging, which was surprising.Would likely work with them again, if/when I need more roof work.
Alex Clausen
22:14 29 Jan 20
The Streamline team did a great job and was extremely professional and kind. I would definitely recommend getting a quote from them if your thinking about getting a new roof. You cannot go wrong with Streamline Roofing.
Anthony Kapuschansky
15:18 29 Jan 20
Everyone I dealt with on my whole new roofing project was extremely friendly, capable and courteous, starting with Robert Stinger who first visited and explained their work. He was low key and knowledgable. I did not feel pressured. The quality and value of their work is about as good as you can get, and I say that as an architect. I was kept informed as the installation day neared, the team arrived on time and installed the flawless roof well within the predicted time period of less than two days. The supervisor Hanes was remarkably friendly to both me and his workers. When there was one small adjustment needed both he and Jeff joined in to resolve it. You don't always find such good service in home improvement companies. I highly recommend them to anyone for roofing repairs or a whole new roof.
Roger Guernsey
15:23 28 Jan 20
Streamline does an amazing job! Highly recommend.
Bryan Beers
00:30 23 Jan 20
Called back same day. Patiently answered my questions. Communicated throughout process. Work was on time and met estimate and what was agreed to. Very happy with the final result.
hal german
00:34 18 Jan 20
I’m extremely pleased with my entire experience with Streamline Roofing. I received several options for my roof repair/replacement. The price was great and the work was done quickly and with great care for my yard. I highly recommend them and they would be my first choice if my roof is ever damaged.
Robert Spaeth
02:49 12 Jan 20
The experience with Streamline Roofing has been outstanding from start to finish. The communication and understanding with Bob Jones, Mike and Jeff explaining the process, issues and even explaining the different pricing options. They made sure we were satisfied with the work. I would highly recommend Streamline Roofing for their excellent customer service work and reasonable prices. They definitely exceeded our expectations!
Nancy Claycomb
16:45 09 Jan 20
Streamline really took care of me. The architectural shingles look great and my leaks were stopped. I’d call again for any future repairs I may need. Thanks!
william phillips
01:53 14 Dec 19
Streamline Roofing is a great company from start to finish. Robert gave us an excellent estimate and caught specific roof aspects that other estimates completely missed. In fact, one estimate I asked a few things that Robert had said and they were clueless. Additionally they were very competitive and had the most reasonable price.When the actual roof repair day arrived the supervisor was on site first and was quick to greet me and explain the process. The crew arrived shortly after and quickly got set up and running. They cleared the old shingles off the roof in about an hour and repaired some areas of water damage, and then had the roof finished by mid-afternoon. It was impressive.The crew did an amazing job cleaning up around the house and making sure all nails and other debris materials were cleaned up. The supervisor had me take a look and explained everything they did and what to expect over the next weeks. Additionally, he told me that we had a 5 year warranty on the work and if we ever had any questions or problems to call them and they would come out.Overall I cannot more highly recommend Streamline Roofing for all your roofing needs.
Earl Anderson
12:44 13 Dec 19
Call them at last minute to re roof a bad job. Finished early and they were affordable. Would recommend!
Nathan Burke
18:55 06 Dec 19
Top quality workmanship and finished product. Couldn’t be happier. Great experience from sale to installation.
Aaron Offenbacher
19:31 27 Nov 19
Mike and his crew did a fabulous job!! The price was exactly what we were quoted, the crew was fast and efficient and my yard was left as clean as when they started. I would definitely recommend them!
Christine Burns
23:21 18 Nov 19
I would recommend Streamline Roofing to anyone looking to replace a roof. The process from start to finish was very good . Bob came out to the house to explain how the process worked, even brought me shingle samples, because I was having such a hard time making a decision on the color. Kerry (in the office) was always very nice & patient with me when I would call with questions. Haynes and his crew arrived on time for the scheduled date, did an amazing job and made sure everything was cleaned up before they left that day. This company has great customer service, pricing and work warranties, that helped me when making my decision on a roofing company.Great team at Streamline!
Kelly Michaud
00:59 14 Nov 19
Streamline Roofing was definitely a company that I would highly recommend .They are very professional,responsible and explain what the problem is and different ways to fix the problem. Jeff was extremely helpful in solving a difficult and perplexing problem. It took several visits and a rain to finally find the problem. The roof issue was solved quickly and efficiently. Jeff visited to check to see if the problem was fixed and even reattached carpeting. Definitely a 5 🎆star company!
Carol Bennett
17:09 12 Nov 19
Excellent work! They took the time to fully review all of the options available and explain the process and materials. Roofing crew showed up early, prepared the site with tarps and plywood to protect the house, and completed the job by late afternoon. The crew did a great job on the roof and cleaned up the yard as well.
Ken Foley
17:38 05 Nov 19
Jeff was able to expedite a repair on my former home in order for us to be able to close that day.
Jeremy Waddell
16:50 01 Nov 19
In July 2019, we had our entire roof replaced by Streamline Roofing. The crew and supervisor were efficient, friendly and professional, arriving on time and cleaning up when finished. During the process, when a few plywood boards needed replaced, we were consulted, some were replaced and a couple were left to save a bit on the cost. After a few storms and everything settled, we noticed a section near a bottom corner sagged a bit. We called the office and were pleased that the next morning one of the owners came out to check. Without any hesitation, he said that he would send someone over to replace the old plywood and redo the area at no extra charge. Good to his word, two days later, the corner was replaced and looks great! We highly recommend Streamline. They do a great job, are reasonably priced and stand by their work. 👍
A Gualandi
19:41 22 Oct 19
Amazing!The Streamline crew stripped and re-roofed what amounts to five separate roofs on a house built around 1930 and extended in the 70s and 90s (I think). They did it in one day, but never looked like they were rushing. When they were done, except for the beautiful new roof I could not even tell they had been there.They went the proverbial extra mile around the cover and the opening* in our pump house roof (see pictures); they consulted with me about it, and came up with a much better solution than we had before.* for removing the flex pipe and pump from our well
Brian Carcich
18:51 17 Oct 19
Streamline Roofing came for an estimate, presented options with no pressure. They did the roofing within 2 weeks of signing on, and had the entire job ; small house, 2 car garage and pump house, done in one day! Beautiful job!
Jessica Carcich
15:55 16 Oct 19
This company is the Chick-Fil-A of roofing. They're super responsive. I called them in a panic for our home inspection. They scheduled someone the next morning and carried out the work in less than 48 hours. To top it off, the price they charged was below what I expected. This company is the industry standard. This is the most professional, knowledgeable, and prompt roofing company in Williamsburg. I would definitely hire this gold mine of a company again.
Kim Smith
05:11 08 Oct 19
This was the first time we ever hired a company who exceeded our expectations! From the very start, these guys were professional, courteous and conscientious of providing the best service possible! Even the owner, Jeff Skinner, was on site to make sure everything was taken care of to our standards! The hard-working laborers did an amazing job of not only installing a beautiful roof, but they CLEANED up the entire site! Our new roof helped to sell our house in only one day, so we are very thankful to Streamline Roofing for performing an outstanding service!
SURJ Historic Triangle
19:27 01 Oct 19
Outstanding experience starting with the quote. List of options given with additional costs along with the pros and cons for the options. No pressure to upsell options. Very fair overall pricing. A large staff was brought on site at 7:30am. They worked till late in the day so as to finish the job and cleanup in 1 day. My neighbors could not believe how quick they were, how great the roof looks, and how clean the place was when they left. Everyone was very professional. I have already recommended Streamline Roofing to some of my neighbors that also need roof replacements. If you need a new roof, you owe it to yourself to call Streamline Roofing. You will not be disappointed with the quality and pricing.
Michael Bouley
17:12 26 Sep 19
Streamline Roofing is fantastic! I had a leak in my sky light and Jeff Skinner and his team were willing to come out same day to fix it! They provided excellent service and even touched based twice after fixing it to ensure it did not leak after the fix. I highly recommended using Streamline Roofing and will be using them myself for any of my future roof or gutter needs.
Amber Saloka
13:39 26 Sep 19
Streamline Roofing put a metal roof on my garage. They were very professional, and the quality of the work was exceptional. They also kept a very neat job site. I will definitely use them in the future.
Colby C
14:16 20 Sep 19
Streamline roofing installed a new roof and gutters on our home and we couldn’t be happier! Our old roof was on its last leg and leaking in two spots. Our gutters clogged every year and one of them was falling off the back of our house. We received several estimates and decided to go with Streamline because they were the most professional and reasonably priced. Jeff and his team took great care of us from beginning to end. We would use them again in a heartbeat!
Ali Blankinship
03:40 12 Sep 19
One year ago they replaced our roof.Great crew and sales department.We have had no issues or problems.We are very happy with Streamline Roofing!Their pricing was fair.
Paul R
00:04 05 Sep 19
This is the BEST company ever! Kari is amazing, very helpful. Jeff the owner himself came out SAME DAY and helped us! Just to make sure we were good, because of a storm coming. Thank you so much!!
Lisa Rivera
20:17 04 Sep 19
I can't recommend this company enough. It was so great to find a dependable company that we could count on after having a major leak. We called and they came and in about a day and 1/2 we had the most gorgeous roof. Jeff Skinner and his staff were amazing to work with. All the recommendations were so appreciated since we did not know a great deal about roofs. I later learned about all the charitable things Streamline does within the community (like giving away a free roof to a needy family). They have also won many "best of" awards and they are well deserved. Thanks so much to Jeff and the staff of Streamline Roofing.
Nancy Stodd
17:11 28 Aug 19
He was on time as scheduled, polite and showed pictures of what shape he found the attic and dryer vent exit in upon examination.
Rebecca Cornell
17:30 22 Aug 19
Streamline Roofing did a terrific job for us. They started the work quickly after we signed the agreement, and sent a six-man crew who all worked hard and seemed very skillful at the job. They cleaned up after themselves meticulously. The crew was well supervised by a field manager. He was not there all the time, but he came back regularly. At the end of the job, he checked that everything had been done well, and when he spotted something that was not to his liking on our roof, he immediately brought a repairman in to fix it. We would never have known there was an issue if he had not told us. He also had the repair person do some painting where tearing off the old roof hurt the paint. This company seems to take pride in its work, and wants to go the extra mile for its customers. Both the sales representative and the field manager were very pleasant and professional . Of course, the roof has only been on a few days and so we do not yet know whether it will stand the test of time. But they give a five year warranty on their work, and I am confident given our experience to date that we will not have any leaks!
Caroline Hemphill
14:49 14 Aug 19
As a school division superintendent in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the facilities and maintenance needs of aging buildings is great. Streamline Roofing completed a shingle roof project for our elementary school in the summer 2019. All I can say is, WOW! Streamline did exactly what they said they would do and more. The team is easy to work with, trustworthy and super safety oriented. The job site was amazingly clean throughout the demo and replacement phases of the job. All questions were thoroughly addressed in a timely manner. Their professionalism speaks volumes for their future!! This 5-star rating was definitely earned!
Nancy Welch
17:37 11 Aug 19
I highly recommend Streamline Roofing! They were great! They showed up on time with a large crew and completed my whole roof in one day. They cleaned up so well after themselves that around the outside of my house looked better then when they got there. Really nice local family owned business. I wouldn’t use any other company. Great service and great prices.
Amanda Redfern
01:20 06 Aug 19
Streamline Roofing just completed the install of my new roof. The whole process was extreamly easy. When the repesentive came out he took as much time as need, to explain exactly what they were going to do, and all the materials used to install my new roof. I think I was given a very fair price for what was delivered. On the day of the install all the workers showed up ready to work, and took great care when removing the old roof. The new roof was installed quickly with great attention to detail. The new roof looks fantastic. I will use Streamline for any furture roofing needs, though the quality of the material and workmanship that they have provided will insure that I will not have any need for a very long time.
John Steinlicht
11:13 18 Jul 19
Streamline Roofing Co., Just finished installing a new roof for my home. They did an amazing job! They were such an extremely hard working crew and performed this work with great precision. I’m so pleased with Everything that Jeff Skinner reviewed to make sure I was 💯 % completely satisfied. I would highly recommend this company for any roofing job, be it large or small. 😊
Christina Baetz
16:00 10 Jul 19
We used Streamline Roofing when we discovered a leak in our roof just two months after moving into our Wiliamsburg house. They came highly recommended, and were known for giving back to our community in various ways. The owner, Jeff Skinner, was very thorough, knowledgeable and thoughtful with his communication. He did everything to make sure that we were happy when the work was complete. We had a great experience and would definitely use them again.
Emily Villaflor
20:32 03 Jun 19
Extremely professional with tremendous attention to detail. Very pleased with the finished product. Great job!
John Huchowski
15:54 30 May 19
No need to shop around for a roofing company, just call Jeff and his team at Streamline. They are professional from start to finish, great pricing, don't miss a detail, and are family owned and operated. Our neighbors couldn't believe that we got our whole roof replaced for the quoted price. The workers were careful with our shrubbery and made sure there were no stray nails in the mulch or grass that could hurt our dogs. Since our roof came with a 50 year warranty I won't be needing a roof anytime soon but if I did it would be from Streamline!
Lori Ann Long
17:57 21 May 19
Streamline Roofing did a fantastic job replacing missing shingles on several parts of our roof. They scheduled us right away and provided the highest quality job with friendly smiles on their faces! My three boys watched out the window in amazement and the crew were so friendly. Streamline Roofing would be my first and only choice for anyone who needed roof repairs!
Jennifer Treiber
12:40 08 May 19
Streamline’s unparalleled customer service almost outshines their craftsmanship. I highly recommend them for your roofing or power washing needs!
Jen Gililland
18:34 02 May 19
We did a lot of research before selecting Streamline Roofing.They are family owned and local and that's important because it's their reputation on the line in communities they reside.They offer the Best high quality roofing for less than others who offered us marginal roofing.We bought their best and it comes with a transferable agreement. So much better when selling your house.We now have a 50 year roof for the cost of others who offered 25 years for the same cost.
Patricia Mcsherry
17:04 18 Apr 19
Recommended by neighbor with a smaller (but not small) roof. Reasonable quote, very communication throughout the process, showed up on time with an experienced crew and did a very fine job, on schedule, with a complicated roof. Very little collateral damage, for which I was compensated. What's not too like here? Obviously, I would highly recommend.
Paul Volk
15:05 16 Apr 19
From start to finish Streamline Roofing went above and beyond with professional and courteous service. We are so pleased with our new roof and will be sure to recommend Streamline Roofing in the future.- Tanya & David
Tanya Ricker
18:32 11 Feb 19
Family owned. That's what I like. From the first person I spoke with, to the workers, to one of the owners stopping by to chat with me, everyone was a top notch professional. Their expertise was evident every step of the way, ensuring the lack of materials under the siding of my house was sufficiently prepped to avoid future problems. I was amazed by that and impressed by their community involvement with the national program, “No Roof Left Behind.” I highly recommend them and will use them again for all my roofing needs. Their website is user friendly and is how I initially contacted them. Reasonably priced. I can't forget to mention the military discount they attached to my invoice. Thank you for everything!
april m
21:16 04 Feb 19
Recently Streamline placed a copper roof on my daughter's porch. I liked how professional and quick they were, plus quality. So when I found a leak in my roof I called them. They sent an agent out within hours and he was able to fix it and walk me through a long-term plan as well. In five years when I get my whole roof replaced I will absolutely be using Streamline.
Debbie Foskey
16:06 02 Oct 18
My wife and I are very pleased with the architectural roof Streamline installed on our ranch-styled home. Our POC, Dave, is very friendly and led us through all aspects of the process, and the technicians followed through to the letter. One thing that might seem small, but meant a lot to us, was how they did an exceptional job clearing up the residual debris after the project was completed. I don't think I've found so much as a stray nail lying around the perimeter of our home since they finished. It's been about 3 1/2 months since we had the work done and I can assure you that we have not had the slightest problem with our new roof. It looks great and it works just as great! Go with STREAMLINE!
Doug P
12:55 01 Jul 18
Streamline Roofing did an excellent job. Very professional, high quality work and roof. I definitely recommend their services.
Patrick Hyatt
00:13 06 Apr 18
I am extremely pleased with the service that has been provided on my roof. Every one knows how hard it is to find a good contractor. Look no further. Jeff provides outstanding service from the quote stage thru the maintenance stage. They are very responsive, courteous and professional. I would highly recommend Streamline roofing to anyone.
14:52 11 Mar 18
The quality of the work was excellent and at a reasonable price. They did a good job of cleaning up at the end also. I would highly recommend Streamline Roofing to anyone.
Bryan Smith
19:29 04 Feb 18
Great company! They do fantastic and quality work. Easy to communicate with. Highly recommend.
We are so happy with our roof. It looks amazing!
Amanda Norman
13:59 31 Dec 17
They just replaced our entire roof. It looks great... fair price with all the extras, including copper and the 25 year labor warranty. I liked their focus on the details. The crew worked hard, cleaned up and put our yard furniture back at the end.
Stewart N.
00:01 05 Nov 17
Shawn was great. He provides tremendous service you don't often find any longer. Shawn is responsive. My experience is that Streamline Roofing provides quality work/materials at a reasonable and competitive price. I always research large purchases very carefully. Shawn was instrumentable in dealing with the insurance company hassles.
Mike F
16:22 29 Oct 17
Shawn and the Streamline Roofing team exceeded our expectations when our roof was damaged by a hail storm. Unlike other roofing contractors, Shawn was willing to work directly with my insurance adjuster to secure the additional funds needed to correctly replace our entire roof with a lifetime CertainTeed roof. The roofers were incredibly fast, professional, and did a quality job. We LOVE our new roof and couldn't be happier with our decision to use Streamline!
Jayson Hubbard
01:15 12 Oct 17

What Makes Us Your Roofing Repair Expert Of Choice

Streamline Roofing is an exceptionally experienced roofing company. We have been in the roofing business for more than 30 years, placing us in an enviable position of being one of the most experienced roofing companies in Williamsburg, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake.

Aside from the number of years that we have operated, we can also qualify our experience with regard to the variety of roofing services that we offer and the variety of roofing materials that we can repair. As such, our experience is not just as a matter of the number of years we have been operating but also the hands-on experience we have amassed over the years.

We provide customer-oriented services. This is to mean that we not only take into consideration our clients’ needs but use their needs as a guide when rendering our service. Consequently, we treat your treat your roof just as we would treat our; with care and diligence. As such, we pay attention to details, making sure we truly offer value-for-money roof repair services.

Another mark of customer-oriented services is honest pricing. We make it our priority to not only be as competitive as possible with regards to pricing, but we also make sure that there is clear communication with our clients on pricing matters. It is for this reason that we provide free estimates through our Free Estimates Form. We are a professional roofing repair services provider and, therefore, we make it a priority to do things right.

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