Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement in Williamsburg, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake, VA

At Streamline Roofing, we provide top-quality roof replacement services in Williamsburg, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake for residential and/or commercial properties.

Because damaged roofs can lead to serious structural damage, a roof replacement may be necessary if the roof of your home or business is damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately, the weather can take such a toll on a roof, causing some serious damage that can lead to numerous issues inside, including serious leaks that can cause a lot of water damage to occur.

As a result, we understand the importance of replacing a damaged roof before things get any worse. We will act quickly yet efficiently to take care of the replacement for you, leaving you with a roof that is sturdy, reliable, and sealed for extra protection.

Williamsburg, Portsmouth, & Chesapeake Roofing Replacement and Installation Services

Before we even begin the process of replacing the damaged roof, we will need to send one of our experts to the property to examine the roof and observe the different types of damages that are currently causing a problem.

After one of our roofing experts carefully inspects the damage, he or she will take measurements of the roof and then talk to you about the different options that are available. With several different types of shingles available, you will have the opportunity to pick out the ones that you would like to have us install on your roof based on the quality, durability, and cost of those shingles.


We start the process with a free estimate. One of our trained roofing will come to your house to discuss your roofing needs and to measure your roof. They will go over the various shingle options and colors with you as well as the extended warranties that we can offer. Your estimator will provide you with a quote that will list the types of shingles, materials, and an outline of all work required.

Once the estimate is agreed upon, we will schedule an installation date. A roof installation can take anywhere from one-four days depending on the scope of the job. Prior to installation we will fully remove and dispose of your existing shingles and replace plywood as necessary.

Your estimator will discuss the various shingle options with you, but we install all types of roofs: Architectural, Three-Tab Shingles, Slate, Flat Roofs, and Metal. We use the latest techniques and carry the top-crafted shingles in the industry.



A Roofing Replacement and Installation is a messy job and safety is our top priority. However, we take pride in doing our best to protect your home and landscaping.

When we are working on the roof of a property, we are always careful enough to follow proper safety protocols while we complete the work on a step-by-step basis.

  1. We will need to start stripping the old, damaged roof before we can even begin installing the new one on the home or commercial property.
  2. After stripping the roof, we may add drip edge, insulation materials, and even metal flashings around the perimeter of the roof to block water from accumulating and causing holes to develop on the newly installed roof.
  3. We will then install the new shingles that you have selected, making sure they are nailed in tightly and are covering every inch of the roof for maximum protection.
  4. After the installation is complete we will clean out all gutters.

Ask us how you can have a 25-year workmanship warranty!

OUR reviews

“Amazing office people who are always true to their word in working with you! Amazing job and done quickly and they were there to answer any questions I had every step of the way! 5 stars would be an understatement! Streamline is a 10 out of 5!!”

Josh H

“Recently Streamline placed a copper roof on my daughter’s porch. I liked how professional and quick they were, plus quality. So when I found a leak in my roof I called them. They sent an agent out within hours and he was able to fix …”

Debbie F

“Streamline Roofing is amazing professional excellent quality work honest and a great group of people if you need a new roof or repairs I would call them first very pleased with our brand new roof thank you.”

Paul G

What can you expect with Streamline Roofing Company?

We have worked in the industry as a Class A General Contractor and Licensed Roofing Conatractor for more than two decades and we happen to take pride in the work we do for our clients. Our experience makes it easier for us to complete projects in a timely manner for our clients. We want to make sure our clients understand how long it takes for us to complete a roof replacement while letting the clients know how much we will charge for the service we are providing.

You can trust in us to provide you with a free estimate before we even get started on your roofing project. As for the length of time it will take us to complete the project you have for us, it varies from roof to roof based on the size and level of damage, but some replacements are completed in as little as one day.

Schedule a Free Roof Replacement Estimate

If you are in or around Williamsburg, Portsmouth, Chesapeake or Hampton Roads and currently have a damaged roof, and you would like to have it replaced by experienced professionals, you should contact us at Streamline Roofing because we look forward to handling all your roofing needs as quickly as possible.

If you are ready to get this process started because you do not want the damage to get any worse, feel free to fill out our Free Estimate Form and we will get back to you in no time to consult with you. After hearing from you, we can select a date and time to visit your property, perform an inspection, and then complete the replacement process to ensure that you no longer need to deal with having a damaged roof.